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UnstoppableEx, Dec 22, 10 5:34 PM.

Raid Encounters

UnstoppableEx, Dec 14, 10 8:20 AM.
Everyone should check out our new page for raid encounter videos HERE!!!

More on Guild Advancement before release

UnstoppableEx, Nov 23, 10 6:58 AM.

Entry Level Raids

UnstoppableEx, Oct 27, 10 10:34 PM.
With the release of Cataclysm comes not only a 5 level grind but a bit of versatility that has been a little absent in the last two expansions.  Im talking about 3 brand new entry level raids.  In the beginning of Wrath you had no choice but to run Naxx until some of the newer raids came out unless of course you wanted to go for VoA which was a nice addition however this time Blizzard is upping the anny and putting in 3 entry level raids for everyone to choose from.  The Bastion of twilight featuring Azeroths first Ogre Magi Cho'gal which is sure to be an interesting fight.  Blackwing Descent which will be once again featuring Neffarian (even though his head was on a pike in Org)  which in the past had some pretty sweet raid mechanics. And finally the all new Throne of Four Winds which features the lord of the wind (much like Rag lord of fire) Al'kir. Be sure to do your extensive readup on these raids prior to reaching 85 and also check out our Voting page to vote on your preferred entry level raid.


UnstoppableEx, Oct 12, 10 6:56 AM.
I hope your all ready to strap on your Gaming Gloves because Cataclysm is coming soon and its time for us to get organized and grind out 5 levels as a guild to maximize those guild profits.  That's right kids, we can be enjoying the new content in guild groups and reaching the guild EXP cap daily to ensure we get amazing benefits that not only we profit from as existing members but also so that future members would be pleased to join for (not just because were awesome).

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then check out the Cataclysm updates on Guild Advancement which maximize guild benefits through guild progression with guild experience and guild reputation.  Not only will grouping up through regular quests and 5 mans be beneficial to us but so will all of your personal adventures such as Tradeskill and reputation advancement.  So feel free to go out there and farm/craft your little hearts out oh and while your at it why dont you drop some of the junk you craft or farm up into the guild bank where we can properly take care of it

If your interested in more news on Guild advancement I read some awesome threads explaining it from players like you who got lucky enough to play beta.  So check it out!!!
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